Once upon a time, in a small town like those very old towns in the French countryside, there was a
kind of eccentric and a little bit crazy cook called Ludovic.

One day, Ludovic got tired of the monotony of his town and felt moved by the desire to explore the
world, so he decided to hit the road. He got into his food truck and that was how Captain Loso emerged
to be an explorer and conqueror. Captain Loso literally pedaled his food truck across Europe sharing
lots of love and joy through his sympathy, good humor and, of course, the delicious and appetizing typical
French crepes that only he could make.

Ludovic Courbin is the man and the cook behind the alter ego Capt. Loso. Dressed in his costume full of hearts, he becomes the center of attention wherever he goes.

Because he was friendly and had a lunatic charm and stripped down style, he would make people smile and feel good. Ludovic have always loved cooking and one of his passions is his typical French crepes, which are prepared with so much love and affection in his food truck. During the Euro trip, those crepes will be the flagship in every country and city he visits.

Harmonious combination: Brie cheese crepe with Cabernet Sauvignon.
Harmonious combination: Spanish ham crepe with Cava Brut Reserva.
Harmonious combination: Crepe of dulce de leche and cheese with Muscat wine.
Harmonious combination: Crepe of vegetables served with Uzo (water and ice).

Dreamed and desired as one of those personal and professional adventures that are always told with great pride and rich details, "Le Voyage Fantastique de Capt. Loso" is a gastronomic and itinerant project that revolves around one man, Ludovic Courbin, Capt. Loso, who rides his food truck into the unknown, through the long and somewhat winding European roads.

During the six-month period, Capt. Loso will travel by land, whenever it is possible, of course, in order to sell his delicious French crepes, which are prepared with fresh local products. Not only that, but it is also his wish to meet different people, quirky towns and share his love, care and fun with whomever is willing to live the true happiness, even if it is for a brief moment.

The long journey of adventure and crepes will find an end in the year 2016, in the cold yet friendly Iceland. Meanwhile, all the admirers and friends of Capt. Loso who can’t see him in face, will have a chance of following him via internet.

Harmonious combination: Chocolate Crepe with espresso coffee.
Harmonious combination: Crepe of STRAWBERRY VANILLA jam with Slivovitz.
Harmonious combination: Kulen type sausage crepe with Maraschino.
Harmonious combination: traditional Apricot jam crepe with Glühwein.

Starting in France and covering much of Europe without a travel schedule of dates and cities set to be visited, Capt. Loso will reach 16 countries, always with the intention of being carried away by the moment and the people he will meet along the way.

Almost like a nomad riding his food truck, Ludovic and his alter ego won’t settle anywhere. The will freely explore every inch of ground thy pass through.

Harmonious combination: Crepe of apple and cinnamon with Pilsen beer.
Harmonious combination: Bratwurst sausage crepe with Weizenbier, a type of wheat ale.
Harmonious combination: Pork crepe with Kriek type of beer.
Harmonious combination: Gouda cheese crepe with real gin Jenever.

The memories of places and people that Capt. Loso is about to meet will be keep in his heart. He will record every special moment in photos and videos that will be posted every month on his website also on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Harmonious combination: Crepe stuffed with cold cuts served with Aquavit.
Harmonious combination: Crepe with Herrgårdsost cheese served with Brännvin liquor.
Harmonious combination: Roast beef crepe accompanied with Stout beer.
harmonious combination: Fiskibollur crepe served with Brennivín.

Follow each step of the amazing and memorable experiences lived by Capt. Loso through his monthly feeds on Facebook and Instagram official pages.

Before entering foreign lands, Capt. Loso took his leave of the homeland with music, joy, love and crepe, of course! HAHAHA